Medicine Wheel

This is our very new Medicine Wheel completed on 06/06/2013

We are proud to have our own medicine wheel in our yard which is full of medicinal plants.The medicine wheel is an important part of our national history.

“The medicine wheel,  also known as the sacred hoop,  has multiple layers of meaning for our lives. I realized that the medicine wheel is ally to balance and clear a space. It is also an ally for manifesting. The key is to be conscious or aware of this sacred geometry. You need to be aware of how energy flows through the different dimensions as it comes through the medicine wheel. Also, and more importantly, seeing and feeling the medicine wheel in this way is another perspective of “all my relations”. We, the entire universe, are interconnected. We are all made up of platonic solids. The platonic solids are the common thread that weaves us together.

The medicine wheel is multidimensional. Not only does the medicine wheel help us in our spiritual life but it also helps us in our emotional, physical and mental lives. The wheel brings you closer to nature, closer to yourself, closer to the understanding that deep meaning of life, and closer to the Creator. Creating a medicine wheel has a much deeper meaning than just designing the cardinal directions of the East, South, West and North. The word medicine in the context of  medicine wheel defines the par or the spirit of the multi-layer circle or hoop.”

*The above article was first written by Neshi Lokotz who at this moment is running a on line course  and information can be found on her website