We had this Idea that we would grow our wild plants inside the Medicine Wheel

Herbs are one of two new projects that we are introducing to our website. As a newcomer to this beautiful country, I am so excited to find an abundance of medicinal and edible wild plants that are  right in most people’s backyard. When you think that there are many people who are spending quite large sums of money at the pharmacist that would not have to as they have their own Medicine Cabinet right outside their back door. For our study we have also created our own herbal garden.  I’d like to share the information about herbs so that  people are aware of all the medical benefits one can get free from plants whether they choose to grow them and/or forage what some people consider to be “weeds” from their own backyard. In my quest for  information about herbs I was led to a book entitled  Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants of Minnesota&Wisconsin which is absolutely well documented and very informative.  My first project was making a tonic for the winter months, consisting of four everyday plants/herbs. The first being a tea made from the leaves of Stinging Nettles, Plantain, Dandelions and, to give it a bit of flavor, Mint.  We have called it Winter Tonic

                         Pine Needle Tea        Video

 This is only the beginning of this dream.  We look forward to updating it in the days and weeks to come.  We invite you to return to this page to follow it.


And so it will be