Love  the Planet Project

I know that it is not news that our planet is  being ravaged, pillaged and raped by greedy, unthinking, and uncaring people  right before our eyes. At our current rate of plunder our Mother Earth will no  longer be able to provide humanity with food, fuel or water within twenty to  twenty-five years from now. We can all find ways to stop our own participation  in the destruction and we can find peaceful ways to stop others. We need to  take action now!

However, we want to  caution you that dwelling on the troubles of the world may make you feel heavy,  which may be

because you feel that there is little that you can do to make  things better. love to the planetWhile your feelings are natural, you might remind yourself that  it is not really possible to save the world, but it is possible to contribute  positively to the world through your thoughts and actions. Perhaps you can  consciously incorporate right action, a spiritual practice in which you make a  point to do no harm to another being, into your day today. As you try doing  right action, you may notice that there are small ways in which you can have a  positive impact on the world around you, such as by helping a stranger,  recycling, or making more conscientious choices. If you can feel that you are  part of the solution for a better world, you may find that your concerns about  the larger issues in the world dissolve.

Right action is a powerful way to live our lives. So often we go about our day  unaware of the effect our actions have on other people. We might, for example,  gossip about someone else or unknowingly rebuff another person. The more we  recognize our actions, the more steps we can take to transform what we do in  order to put more constructive and nurturing  energy out into the world. Changing the way  you interact with others today will be a catalyst for greater positive  transformation and hope for the world as a whole.At this time we ask that you consider taking  just five minutes of your time to send our wondrous provider, our beautiful  planet, much needed healing unconditional Love energy.  To raise the  vibration of our earth and bring it into balance join us in spreading the  principles of Love and Oneness to the earth and all its dwellers.  All you  need to do is first, ground and balance yourself, second, feel the Love of the  Universe in your heart, and third, focus and intend your feelings of Universal  Love to the dark pockets of the “wounded” planet. With this choice you will not  only contribute to the raising of the vibration of the earth but you will raise  your own vibration, as well.

“Regardless of what you  observe in this outer world hold to your dreams and your true intent that they  may come into your life’s experience with clarity and with speed.  Even  though the mass consciousness of the outer world looks deceiving for it remains  distorted as each thought and emotion are living entities that expand and  contract as they become the focus of attention, you can let the ideas you  want to manifest expand by focusing on them regularly throughout each  day. Create deliberately, rejecting that which you do not want by refusing  it a glance.    Hold secure to your dreams.  Realize that  humanity lies under a blanket of mass consciousness but that you can rise above  it. Allow your dreams to soar, and then imagine them manifesting in the outer  world. Hold on to your dreams to bring them into your reality”!  Richela Chapman.

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It doesn’t make any difference which side of the   political arena you are on, this advice is relevant. I have been taking my time,   each day, to visualize a balanced, healthy economy, our politicians showing up   for their jobs with their integrity intact, government being able to fulfill the   most important and vital functions of a government, with ease and God Speed. I   see healthy growth in all areas of our economy, financial institutions   resurrecting themselves with stronger, more reasonable foundations, worldwide   reconciliations for nations that have had seemingly irresolvable issues, peace   in the Middle East and elsewhere. I see successful research in science and   health, yielding amazing results in healing our major diseases, and creating   sources of energy that will heal our planet. I see families learning to   communicate, to love and to forgive so as to create stronger marriages, happier   children, closer relationships at work and at home. I hear a hummmm of joyous   prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving circling our globe like a mighty wind,   bringing good for all. As I see and hear all of this, my own body resonates,   vibrates to a chord of health and well being. The time it takes me to do this is   small, but is so uplifting that everything in my day flows so much more   smoothly. I know that miracles are on the way and I am ready to receive them.   Join me. Take a few minutes to have some positive visions of your own. It can   only help….you and everyone around you. Make it a good day, NA — Used with   permission.