History of Seichem

In this section we want to attempt to help  untangle the confusion surrounding Seichim/Seichem/SKHM. Diane Shewmaker is  highly recommended by Patrick Ziegler as a very reliable source for information  regarding the history of Seichim/Seichem. She said it well when she wrote “In  researching the history of Seichim and how it came to be associated with Reiki,  I came across some accounts that are not accurate or complete, according to  those who were directly involved in the process. As a result I have interviewed,  confirmed and reconfirmed details with the principle players so that my  narrative reflects their perspective of historical events in which they played  a role. These principles include Patrick Ziegler who rediscovered Seichim while  in Egypt on leave from the Peace Corps and brought it to the United States, as  well as T’om Seaman, Faun Parliman and Marsha Nityankari Burack, who have each  been important links in spreading the word about Seichim and sharing the  energy. Another key principal is Phoenix  Summerfield. Because she passed on in the early part of the summer of 1998, I  have reconstructed her role through information provided by Patrick, T’om, Faun  and Nityankari who were in contact with Phoenix at various times during her  involvement with Seichim.”   ALL LOVE by Diane Ruth Shewmaker

“SKHM ALL LOVE is how Patrick Ziegler connects and works with the energy today. It is more of group oriented energy and one of the great aspects is, that it seems to support an individual’s development and takes them to new insights and usage of this energy. Patrick doesn’t work with “regular” attunements anymore; instead he uses what he calls “flowing mediations”. Patrick supports initiations through one’s own internal process, rather than energetically altering ones energetic field.” [Quoted from A Short History from Atlantis Rising]