Patrick Zieglers Story

This is as Patrick wrote it himself and found on his website,, and in the Forward to ALL LOVE by Diane Ruth Shewmaker.]
Patrick traveled to Egypt in 1979 to fulfill a childhood dream of sleeping in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Patrick visited the Pyramid and found a small opening to the left of the King’s Chamber created by thieves who had tried to cut through the wall surrounding the Chamber. The gate covering the opening was unlocked. Patrick did not know where it led, yet he knew this tunnel was where he would hide.
After spending some time meditating in both the King’s and Queen’s Chambers, Patrick left the Pyramids to prepare to come back the next day. He began fasting and returned to the Pyramid the next morning with a bag packed with what he would need for spending the night. He went directly to the tunnel and when no one was looking, started to crawl into it. The tunnel was quite narrow and tilted upward. Patrick soon found himself in a small carved-out room just above the King’s Chamber where he spent the entire day peacefully meditating.
After the pyramid emptied of tourists and was locked for the night, Patrick came out of his hiding place and with a flashlight in hand, proceeded to the King’s Chamber. He made his way to the granite sarcophagus, discovering that when he bumped its side, it resounded like a very deep gong. He stepped into the sarcophagus and lay down on the stone base. As Patrick attempted to quiet himself, he heard a buzzing sound. Soon he recognized the buzz as mosquitoes and found that his feet, arms and face were the main course. Although he had not prepared for this eventuality, he remembered packing toilet paper in his bag. He wrapped himself up for protection recognizing the humor in appearing like a toilet paper “mummy” lying in the sarcophagus. Safe from the mosquitoes, Patrick was now able to become quiet and started to meditate. In a short while, Patrick began hearing thumping sounds that seemed to be footsteps coming up from the grand gallery. The sound kept getting closer, and he knew he had to stay where he was to avoid detection. No one turned the lights on, and Patrick soon realized this was because the sound was likely not human. This realization was so penetrating that waves of fear came over his body, almost overwhelming him. Though he had been in dangerous situations before, this fear was different and was not going away. A presence then entered the room and the thumping sound now pulsated throughout the Chamber. As Patrick looked into the darkness, a swirling pattern of electric blue light appeared and hovered over him. Something inside told him this was why he had come and he went deep within his fear, reassuring himself not to be afraid.
Patrick thought, “Do what you have to do”, and at that very instant, the light descended into his heart. For a moment, there was total silence, and Patrick wondered if he was still alive. Yet his heart felt so expansive, and the sound now coming from inside of it was identical to the one that had been in the Chamber. Patrick spent the rest of the night in a state of peaceful bliss, meditating on the electric blue energy in his heart as it swirled in an infinity or figure-eight pattern.
In the morning, Patrick returned through the tunnel to his hiding place before the Pyramid opened for the day. He meditated there until he felt it was time to come out and join with a group of tourists leaving the Pyramid. Patrick noticed he was covered in a glimmering white powder and brushed off as much as he could. As he was exiting, he could hear the guards yelling at him to come back because they realized he had spent the night inside. Patrick understood their language and pretended not to hear them. As luck would have it, a bus was just pulling away. He jumped on it and it took him right to his hotel.
Once he was safely back in his room, Patrick looked at himself in the mirror, and for the first time realized the white glistening powder was blanketing him from head to toe just as if someone had dropped a large bag of flour on him. He later learned that this powder is known to be in the pyramids and is used in India to promote healing and spiritual powers. In the West, some call it white gold and use it to heighten a person’s spiritual vibrations.
After returning to the United States in 1983 Patrick started to share this universal living light energy with others in classes. He consulted a woman named Christina Gerber who was channeling an Indian spirit guide named Marat that the healing energy he was working with was known as Seichim which he said with an Egyptian pronunciation. Marat was not able to translate his spelling into the English alphabet. This made it necessary for Patrick to create a spelling for the name. He wrote it several ways in his notes, and eventually settled on the name Seichim for a number of years. Over the years, other people have called the healing energy by various names including Seichim, Seichem, Sekhem and SKHM. Marat also provided Patrick guidance on how to attune others to the energy stream. Combining this information with his Reiki training in giving attunements, Patrick began experimenting with passing the energy to others, including meditating and asking for higher guidance and assistance in his endeavors.
“Since Seichim was first introduced in the United States by Patrick in 1984, many forms of beneficial healing systems have developed around the world that use the name Seichim as well as other names such as Seichem, Sekhem and SKHM. They all have sprouted and grown from the same seed. It can be confusing however to both the newcomer and those who have studied some form of Seichim, because it is common to find multiple systems using the identical names even though they can greatly differ from one another in form and content.” “As in the flow of the universe there is change and growth, what is being taught and experienced today is simply a stepping stone to move closer to the Source.” ALL LOVE by Diane Ruth Shewmaker