Reiki for Animals

Reiki for Animals is very good for those animals who are suffering from stress for a variety of reasons including living in unnatural  environments, absorbing the emotions of the homes they live in, taking on  negative energies and diseases as a buffer to protect their guardians, and  misunderstanding situations that they find themselves in. Animals are very  receptive to telepathic communication and energy work, and especially healing;  they are eager and willing to clear their energy fields, but require a little  help in doing so. Animals often heal quicker than their guardians, as they don’t carry the same amount of emotional or energetic “baggage” as  most humans do. Animals are pure souls, without judgment – and therefore are  fully able and willing to accept unconditionally the pure Reiki Healing or Distance  Energy Healing.

  • Some of The Benefits Of Reiki For Animals Treatments:
  • Reiki works with an animal’s entire being: ,Mind,Body,Emotions and Soul.
  • Animals intuitively feel and recognize Reiki Energy.
  • Clear and cleanses of toxins.
  • Helps to speed recovery from surgery,  injury and illness.
  • Helps with fear, anxiety, aggression and any other behaviorally based issues.
  • Helps heals past and present traumas.
  • Can be offered in person or from distance.